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When we say we are a "Truly Ontario Grocery Story" we mean it!

At the Market Shoppe we source only the highest quality best tasting LOCAL products. Everything within the shop is grown, made, or produced in Ontario. We strive to have a wide variety of products, produce, meat and baked goods all year round. Check out the different types of products and some of our suppliers below!

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We make a variety of fully cooked frozen meals. Dad started making these because of the love he put into making meals for his mother to help her remain living in her home in her last years. We knew it would help other families in this way as well as many others. We also have soups and pot pies that quickly heat up to make a satisfying meal. For dessert you have to try our cookies, apple crisp or pies!

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We source our produce as locally as we are able to. We have local year round suppliers for salad greens and micro greens but pull from greenhouses further south for things like tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. We have built relationships with farmers in our area to ensure we have fresh beautiful produce for our customers during our local growing season. We only carry Ontario produce. The variety of Ontario produce you can have year round might surprise some. 


Since we opened we have been carrying Jmar meats out of Mount Forest. We love the quality of their beef and pork! Our chicken, duck and rabbit come from Abate packers in Arthur. There is nothing more juicy and delicious than one of their bone-in, skin-on, air-chilled chicken thighs. The Abate family has been running their business there for so long that the farms that supply them have, in some cases, gone second generation. 

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From day one our business model has been to carry only Ontario products. We have dozens of small family businesses that we support by carrying their amazing products! Ontario can provide us with so much! We are currently finalists in the first inaugural Ontario Made awards. To learn more about this amazing program or to attend the award ceremony online in February click below.

By simply buying Ontario Made products, you will be directly supporting the thousands of manufacturers, retailers, and their employees across the province. This helps us grow a stronger economy for Ontarians. It's time for us to stand up and celebrate Ontario manufacturers and Ontario made products.

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Since we opened in 2013, The Market Shoppe has been supporting Ontario entrepreneurs. We serve our community with products we are proud to carry that are from farms and companies we are proud to work with. As of 2022 we have over 60 Ontario businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers supplying us with quality products. Below are just a few. Without them, we could not do what we do. We are so grateful!

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Chatsworth, ON

New Life Farm offers customers year round access to high quality Microgreens, sprouts, and edible flowers grown locally in Chatsworth O.N.
We cultivate with all customers in mind, from restaurant use to home kitchens.

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Beaver Valley, ON

Moving to the Beaver Valley, corporate
caterer Greg Montfort and classical singer
Jennifer Potter created Quiet Valley Sauce and Vine.
They then got serious about bringing Greg’s standout taste adventure - Sizzle Sauce - to the people. His versatile sauce, carefully crafted over 25 years, elevates any food.
Baste it, dip it, grill it, marinate it.
Come Taste the Adventure!

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Meaford, ON

"You won’t hear a song and dance from us..just the best Canadian garlic products that goes on everything!”

     We are Certified Organic Garlic Farmers located outside of Rocklyn, Ontario, in the heart of Grey county.  We have been in business for over 4 years and offer pure, natural products made from the Certified Organic Garlic we grow here on our farm! We strive to create products that not only taste good but will never contain harsh additives like salt, sugars, or other preservatives.

     We value creating the best garlic products without compromising quality.  Come visit us at the farm to say hello, and grab your own delicious products for all your culinary delights!

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Meaford, ON

Adam Harrington of Georgian Bay Naturals Premium Pet Treats. Based outside of Meaford. This business was started out of a passion for our own dogs. We wanted the best for them, everything from treats to food. Nutrition plays a huge role in the health of humans and we want that same quality of life for your dogs too. We believe in feeding natural, raw ingredients whenever possible. This is a much healthier alternative than processed kibble and treats, with studies proving the life-extending benefits of feeding fresh whole foods. We offer premium quality products, using human-grade, federally inspected ingredients. We also like to educate our customers about everything related to pet health and wellness, and will be doing more regular videos on social media. GB Naturals also cares about the environment, utilizing compostable or recyclable packaging and shipping supplies.
When you choose Georgian Bay Naturals Premium Pet Treats, you can be assured that your pet is getting the best!



Toronto, ON

Kozliks Canadian Mustard was established in 1948 and has remained family owned and operated to this day. We produce hand-made mustard in small batches with 100% Canadian mustard seed. We are deeply committed to natural ingredients and socially responsible business practices. Our mustards are non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain absolutely no additives or preservatives. Our warehouse is located in Mississauga and our store is located in the St. Lawrence Market.

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Shallow Lake, ON

We consider ourselves stewards of the land, as grassland restoration is a major component of our farming. We work hand in hand with Mother Nature in growing native grasses on which our bison thrive. By diversifying our nutrition-based habits, we can contribute to the natural growth process beneficial to our animals. We hold the key to a more natural and sustainable growth.

We are proactive at every step of the process in getting our 100% grass-fed bison from gate to plate.  We are committed to doing so humanely and efficiently to ensure the best quality high-end products. We are dedicated to achieving what is best for our animals, our lands and our customers. Big Rock Bison is about fulfilling our duty in naturally raising our bison in a low-stress environment. It will be a pleasure for us to answer any question you should have.



Ayton, ON

Growing organically since 1953, Filsinger’s was one of the first organic farms in all of Canada. Today, we proudly produce a line of apple products, from apple cider and apple cider vinegar to our Well-Cultured line of ACV-based drinks. We also produce applesauce and pear sauce.⁠⁠


Our apples are 100% organic, non-GMO, and grown and picked with care. We grow more than 30 varieties of apples without the use of any herbicides or pesticides. We believe in quality and sustainability and that’s why you will find all our products in glass packaging, to ensure quality and prevent leaching of harmful chemicals.

Products: Our Products
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Fergus, ON

Lighthouse Lemonade is a collection of natural citrus cordials from an old Maritime family recipe, now made in Fergus, Ontario. These cordials are perfect for cocktails, baking, hot drinks, or a cold glass of lemonade made just how you like it. It’s Summer in a Bottle!

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